Ghetto Kolo

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This is what we now refer to as a ‘Ghetto Kolo’. To see legitimate Kolo comics, click this not-so-suspicious, and less than menacing link: Kolo Comic!


Army Changing Camo

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Seems that the Army is finally taking it’s camouflage seriously. It will be abandoning its Universal Camouflage Pattern. The Army is now looking to field two new uniform patterns, to better handle the range of backgrounds within which the soldier could be moving. MARPAT has held up well to many environs and climes and will be the baseline that the Army will be using as it looks for a new pattern, along with Navy NWU (Navy Working Uniform), which is basically MARPAT running vertical. There was talk of the Army just outright copying MARPAT for its own use, which needless to say, caused a bit of consternation among the Marine Corps brass. I think MultiCam was a good stop gap for Army use (Army started using MultiCam in AfPak cause UCP wasn’t cuttin’ the mustard), and seeing it continuing use wouldn’t be a bad thing. There are many good competitors vying for the new contract though, and I am glad to see the Army fielding for a new camo.

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Images courtesy of the US Army’s Flickr page, the Navy’s NWU page, and wikipedia. (None endorse this posting.)

Advanced Disaster Life Support AAR

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ADLS hosted free-of-charge by Region 2 South of Michigan.
Location: Simulation Center of Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit
Timeframe: 16hrs between April 29-30, 2011
Prereqs: Basic Disaster Life Support

Consisted of didactic lecture and practical exercises.
Lecture topics covered included: Mass Triage, Mass Fatality Management, ICS review, Legal Considerations, Media Comms, Medical Decontamination, Hospitals and Disaster Planning, Meddrun & Chempak procedure, Mark I & Duodote kits, Smallpox immunization

Exercises: Tabletop exercise, Triage Skills/Disaster Drill, PPE/Decon – Tent/PAPR Training, Patient Simulator (x2), Disaster Patient Simulator

Thoughts: Very good course. Covered lots of good stuff, and put me out of my element. Got to do a needle decompression of tension pneumothorax and run a hose through a chest cavity, which is out of my scope of practice. Gave me a fair amount of information that I did not know, and had some well thought out exercises.

Additional Notes: Class is very hard to get into as the registration fills up about 2-3 hours after it opens.

ICS 300 & 400 After Action Review

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Incident Command System courses for emergency management, here in Metro Detroit, MI.
ICS 300 – Intermediate ICS for Expanding Incidents for Operational First Responders
2.5 day course
Prereqs: Completion of ICS 100, 200, 700, 800.
Covered: Incident management at the “tactical level”, including basic ICS forms that need to be completed, how command supports operations, how to deal with an incident as it expands, developing Incident Action Plans (IAPs), and a tabletop simulated exercise of a Type 3 incident (county/state level) for application of ICS. Course is concluded with a multiple choice, open-book test.
Review: Good course, a bit dry in some places. The exercises built on what you learned, and the previous exercises, to help you grasp the material and gain experience using ICS.

ICS 400 – Advanced ICS – Command and General Staff – Complex Incidents
2 day course
Prereqs: Completion of ICS 300.
Covered: Incident management at the area and federal command levels, including management challenges associated with major incidents, circumstances for establishing area command or implementing a multiagency command (MAC), and a comprehensive exercise.
Review: Very good course. The class was heavily student driven. Our class was one of the pilot’s for the new course design. It included a series of videos that gave us our scenario and updated sitrep for Type 2/Type 1 incident. Final exercise was comprised of four groups, each acting as major incident commands for the scenario (University hospital, area command, state command, and federal command). Course is concluded with a multiple choice, open-book test.

New Puppy!

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Her name is DeDe. She’s a 3 month old American Pit Bull Terrier. Very energetic. We’re going to keep her crated for a while, just to get her used to it, and house trained and all that good stuff.

Paracord Bracelet

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My first attempt/practice run at a paracord bracelet. I only had a carabiner handy and I cut the cord too short. However, the necessity of me having to use that pencil for a makeshift closure, has me thinking about using one of those small self defense spikes as a closure…

Thanks to ITS Tactical for the teachings!

FCC and Net Neutrality

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For those of you who are unfamiliar with net neutrality, let us look towards the standard of the English language, UrbanDictionary:

“An idea whereby all access to the collective Internets is equal. Where no limits on different throughputs or access to services are placed.”

That’s a pretty good definition right there. Now, some are concerned with the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) position on net neutrality, because it would require the FCC attaining more power. However myself and many others are quite pleased with what they want, and how they mean to get it.

Basically, the big Internet Service Providers (ISPs) want to have their way with your bandwidth and charge you based upon how much you use the internet. They also want to control the load times of websites based upon how much that particular site is willing to pay for premium service. Now, if you know me, you know I ❤ Capitalism, but that doesn’t mean that you have to be a dick about it.

What the FCC wants to do, is treat the internet like a phone line, and regulate how you (and the websites) are charged. The FCC does NOT want to censor any of the content (much in contrast to previous actions of the FCC in regards to TV & Radio). They want to keep the internet the way it is, probably because the US currently dominates the shit outta the net and the FCC wants to keep it that way. If you introduce this douchebag price/service structure, people are going to say “fuck it” and host their sites and businesses on foreign servers. I don’t have a good way to end this post, so fuck it, the end!