Army Changing Camo

Seems that the Army is finally taking it’s camouflage seriously. It will be abandoning its Universal Camouflage Pattern. The Army is now looking to field two new uniform patterns, to better handle the range of backgrounds within which the soldier could be moving. MARPAT has held up well to many environs and climes and will be the baseline that the Army will be using as it looks for a new pattern, along with Navy NWU (Navy Working Uniform), which is basically MARPAT running vertical. There was talk of the Army just outright copying MARPAT for its own use, which needless to say, caused a bit of consternation among the Marine Corps brass. I think MultiCam was a good stop gap for Army use (Army started using MultiCam in AfPak cause UCP wasn’t cuttin’ the mustard), and seeing it continuing use wouldn’t be a bad thing. There are many good competitors vying for the new contract though, and I am glad to see the Army fielding for a new camo.

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Images courtesy of the US Army’s Flickr page, the Navy’s NWU page, and wikipedia. (None endorse this posting.)


~ by BanditJack on June 29, 2011.

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