F22 Raptor & Military Budget

I have heard some things that people have been saying about the F22, that are inaccurate and misguided. I feel it necessary to clear the air. 🙂

The F22 Raptor is a Generation 5 stealth air fighter. All other planes on the planet are currently Generation 4. Basically what that means is that, the F22 is the most advanced fighter in existence (barring any Air Force prototypes), and is very relevant to today’s world.
In regards to a particular individual’s letter in the Detroit Free Press on April 10th (I’m a little late to that argument), if the DOD’s budget were to be cut by 75%, we would have to conduct the same operations with $162.8B, which just isn’t feasible. Yes, it is a lot of cash, but when compared with what it takes to sustain global operations among 100+ countries, things begin to come into perspective. The United States is much more globally active then most Americans might like to think. We maintain military bases and personnel in too many places to list. So of course, Wikipedia has listed it here. Just a cursory glance will reveal to you how vested we are in the global community. We have so many bases, because US troops are called upon to handle international situations more often than not. We are also conducting wars in two countries, which includes trying to finance and raise both the Afghan and Iraqi armies to a level where they can competently handle their own affairs, so that we won’t have to return under the same circumstances.


~ by BanditJack on September 27, 2009.

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